Meet Guy

Guy Nohra is a visionary entrepreneur who cofounded a Life Sciences Venture Capital firm that invested in 180 innovative biotech and medical technology companies. These companies are responsible for critical medical breakthroughs, saving lives and creating thousands of American jobs.

Born in Lebanon, Guy Nohra saw his country torn apart by ethnic and religious strife. At the age of 15, he took up arms to defend his family, his community, and his Christian faith. For his safety and to continue his education, Guy’s parents sent him to live with his aunt in America.

Guy Nohra fell in love with America, excelling in academics, joining his high school football team, and playing guitar in a rock cover band. He graduated from Stanford and then earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and went into the world of business.

Seven years after he arrived in the United States, Guy Nohra proudly took the oath to become an American Citizen. This is one of the proudest moments of his life.

Guy Nohra is the father of two daughters and dedicates much of his extra time and resources to non-profits designed to help mentor our young people using music to give them inspiration, guidance and support.