Reno, NV – Guy Nohra, businessman and successful entrepreneur, launched his campaign’s first flight of television ads today across the Battle Born State. The Nohra Campaign will spend nearly a quarter-million dollars on both broadcast and cable.

“As I have traveled the state over the last few months, it is apparent that voters are looking for something different. Today, we are excited to share our message to turn Nevada around,” said Nohra. “Folks are tired of the same politicians making empty promises while running for a different office only to advance their career while forgetting the real issues of everyday Nevadans. Nevadans are ready for a change, and they are enthusiastic about my commitment to make our economy stronger, to ensure parents are in charge of their children’s education, and to make certain our elections are safe and secure.”

This first television buy is just one part of the Nohra Campaign ad package. Mail and multi-media platforms are also a part of this surge.

“Our campaign is confident that Nevada voters want change. They have told us time and time again. What we have isn’t working. What we’ve had in the past hasn’t worked,” said Nohra. “I’m not a politician, I’m a businessman that has actually fought for my values and for my freedom with my life on the line. Unlike many politicians, my values aren’t just rhetoric, and voters can rest assured I’ll never waiver from my core conservative principles. I have no doubt that when we reclaim the Governor’s office in 2022, together, we can and will turn Nevada around.”

The full ad can be viewed by clicking here.