Reno, NV – Businessman and political outsider Guy Nohra launched his campaign for Governor of Nevada today.

“Governor Sisolak has failed Nevadans,” said Nohra. “At every turn, he has mimicked and implemented the failed policies of California. His lack of leadership and innovation is hurting Nevada’s economy, our businesses, our students, and our families. As your next Governor, I will fight side-by-side with you to take our state back from the leftist-career politicians in Carson City. And together, we will turn Nevada around.”

Nohra has made an initial seven-figure investment into his campaign.

He continued, “We must nominate a Republican who isn’t afraid of their conservative values, who will speak with facts, honesty, and frankness and who will have the resources necessary to go toe-to-toe with Governor Sisolak. I’m that candidate.”

Following is the transcript of Nohra’s launch video:
Begin Video Script
VOG: You’re about to meet someone who wants to be Nevada’s next governor.

Nohra: Who is that?

VOG: His name is Guy Nohra.

Nohra: It’s actually pronounced Ghee. I know it looks like Guy, but it’s pronounced Ghee. Uhhh…I don’t know, you have got to ask my parents.

VOG: Cue big music. Guy’s story started just like any other American story.

Nohra: Uncue music! If we’re telling my story, we’re telling it right. Because facts matter. It didn’t really start here, it really started here. Where 40 years ago, as a teenager, I trained and fought in a civil war to protect my people and my faith. Some things, like freedom of religion, are just so important they’re worth fighting for.

VOG: You telling this story, or am I?

Nohra: Alright. Go ahead.

VO: Guy’s parents were so worried for his safety that they sent him to America to finish high school where Guy quickly adapted. He thrived in the classroom, played on his high school football team, captained the track team, and even joined a rock band called Merging Traffic.

Nohra: I played the guitar. We were actually pretty good. Played a lot of great 70’s stuff that I’m still playing today.

VO: Guy went on to live the American Dream. College. Then an MBA. Then Guy went on to cofound a Life Sciences venture capital firm that invested in 180 innovative biotech and medical technology companies that helped create critical healthcare breakthroughs and thousands of critical American jobs.

Guy: But my greatest satisfaction was helping our youth. Using music to give them inspiration, guidance, and support.

VO: He’s Guy (pronounces name incorrectly). (Clears throat.) He’s Guy (pronounces name correctly) Nohra and he’s no politician. He’s a remarkably accomplished American entrepreneur and job creator who wants to use his conservative values and business know-how to turn Nevada around.

Nohra: Hey, don’t you have something else to do like a movie trailer or something?

Nohra: Now, it’s my turn. I’m Guy Nohra. I want to be your next Governor. And I’m going to make you this promise. I am not going to run my campaign like any other. Instead, I am going to talk to you directly, in full honesty and frankness. I am going to share with you my ideas for turning around Nevada’s economy, we’re going to manage through this post-COVID hangover, teaching our kids how great America is, while keeping critical race theory out, making state government more efficient, eliminating onerous regulations, ensuring our state income tax stays at zero. And it’s time to expose the election fraud we all know is there. In other words, instead of asking you for your vote, I am going to earn it. Talk to you soon.
End Video Script

Following is brief biographical background on Nohra:

Guy Nohra is a visionary entrepreneur who cofounded a Life Sciences Venture Capital firm that invested in 180 innovative biotech and medical technology companies. These companies are responsible for critical medical breakthroughs, saving lives and creating thousands of American jobs.

Born in Lebanon, Guy Nohra saw his country torn apart by ethnic and religious strife. At the age of 15, he took up arms to defend his family, his community, and his Christian faith. For his safety and to continue his education, Guy’s parents sent him to live with his family in America.

Guy Nohra fell in love with America, excelling in academics, joining his high school football team, and playing guitar in a rock cover band. He graduated from Stanford and then earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and went into the world of business.

Seven years after he arrived in the United States, Guy Nohra proudly took the oath to become an American Citizen. This is one of the proudest moments of his life.

Guy Nohra is the father of two daughters and dedicates much of his extra time and resources to non-profits designed to help mentor our young people using music to give them inspiration, guidance, and support.