RENO – The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a conclusive 6-3 ruling today that private businesses with more than 100 employees cannot intervene in an individual’s health decisions at the demand of the federal government to either get vaccinated or test weekly simply to go to work.

“The Supreme Court got it right today by giving the Biden Administration a ‘hard no’ in mandating vaccines for employees. There is a real sense of a return to individual liberty decisions from this Supreme Court because of the pivotal appointments made by President Trump to this court,” said Guy Nohra, Republican candidate for Nevada Governor.

“The Supreme Court reminded us today how simple this concept is. People want to go to work. People want to provide for their families. People want to get back to normal. But, it’s progressives like Joe Biden – and Steve Sisolak following right in his footsteps – that hold individuals back from the lives they want to go back to living,” said Nohra.

Biden issued a stubborn statement in response to the Supreme Court ruling stating he will use his bully pulpit with the hopes employers will mandate vaccines for their employees.

“We have seen Steve Sisolak act just as stubbornly as Joe Biden in pushing his vaccine mandate agenda in Nevada,” Nohra said. “Sisolak refuses to believe that an individual can know what is best for them and their families and has been insistent that government must intervene in the health decision process.”

“Everywhere I go, I hear how Nevadans are ready to move on with their lives and move past the pandemic. Steve Sisolak refuses to acknowledge the will of Nevadans, and it will be his downfall,” Nohra continued. “I have spent my career in life sciences, relying on data and science to solve some of the most complex medical ailments such as cancer, congestive heart failure, and Alzheimer’s. As Governor, I will not allow politics or a political agenda to lead on matters of health, one of the most private decisions an individual can make.”